"Protect Your House" Program

Your roof is one of the most important and most neglected components of your home. We offer an annual maintenance program that could add years to the lifetime of your roof.

Leak Prevention

It’s common knowledge that most roof leaks occur at weak points. With each service, we use high-grade sealant to waterproof any penetration through the roof.

Damaged Shingle Replacement

A roof may be damaged or aged but may not be ready for a full roof replacement. We replace up to (3) shingles with each visit. This will help prevent any further damage and also extend the life of your roof.

Shingle Adhering

The majority of roof damage is a result of adhesive failure. Over the years the adhesive fails and the shingle is no longer sealed down, allowing wind to crease the shingle and allow wind-driven rain to get under. We seal all shingles that have had their seal compromised.

Peace of Mind

With every visit, we do a thorough inspection and document the condition of your roof. We document each roof and help make recommendations on planning for the future with realistic expectations.